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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Submmunity?

Submmunity is a platform that allows you to Join subscriptions families at a cheaper price and Share your personal subscription plans to get paid from other users who join . All the available subscription plans to join and share are on the webapp.

How to Deposit?

Visit your dashboard click the wallet icon beside your balance to deposit and follow the steps. After making a deposit you’re expected to get back to the app and confirm your payment, wait for it to indicate successful and you account would be credited.

What happens when my deposit fails?

Every failed deposit is refunded back to the user within 24 hours of transactions. if there was no refund please contact us at:

How do I share or earn?

You can share your subscriptions to earn. First you have to buy a plan from the website that offers the subscription you wish the share e.g you buy a plan from you then can share it on our platform for users to join your subscriptions while you get paid per user that joins your family

How do i join a family?

Make sure you’ve funded your account with the amount needed to buy the subscription you’re interested in. Visit the submmunity tab and follow the procedures

What happens when i don’t get added to the family?

If you make a payment and you’re not added to the family in 24hours you would be refunded

Can I leave a family?

Yes you can but if you’ve been in the family for 24hours, you won’t be refunded

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